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University Foundation Programme

University Foundation Programme

Embarking on a journey toward higher education is an exciting and transformative experience. For many Nigerian students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, undertaking a UK University Foundation Program presents an invaluable pathway that bridges the gap between secondary education and university-level studies. This comprehensive write-up explores the requirements, importance, procedures, and other key information related to pursuing a UK University Foundation Program in Nigeria.

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UK University Foundation Overview


Academic Background: Students need to have completed their secondary education (IGCSE, SSCE/WAEC,  or equivalent) with good grades. The specific entry requirements can vary depending on the university and program you’re applying to.

Subject Prerequisites

Some foundation programs might have specific subject prerequisites, especially if you’re applying for a science or engineering-related program. Make sure to check the program’s requirements to ensure you meet them.

A UK University Foundation Program holds significant importance for Nigerian students for several reasons:

Academic Preparedness

The foundation program equips students with the necessary academic skills and knowledge to thrive in a university environment. It bridges any gaps between your secondary education and the requirements of higher education.

Cultural Adjustment

Studying in a foreign country can be culturally challenging. The foundation program allows students to adapt to the UK’s educational and social norms, making the transition to university life smoother.

Subject-specific Preparation

If you’re transitioning to a different field of study or need to build a stronger foundation in your chosen subject, the program offers subject-specific modules to prepare you adequately.

Language Proficiency

The foundation program aids in improving English language skills, which is crucial for succeeding in university-level courses and for effective communication.

University Entry

Successfully completing a foundation program often guarantees you a place in a UK university, subject to meeting the required grades. This can be especially beneficial if your secondary education qualifications don’t directly meet university entry requirements.


our Foundation program is one year and you can also do your first year also in Nigeria.


The curriculum is designed to offer a blend of subject-specific modules, academic English, study skills, and cultural orientation.


Students are assessed through a combination of exams, coursework, presentations, and projects throughout the program.

Support Services

We provide various support services, including academic advisors, English language assistance, and counseling services to help students excel academically and personally.

Costs and Scholarships

The costs of foundation programs are highly affordable compared to traveling to the UK to do it

In conclusion, embarking on a UK University Foundation Program in Nigeria is a valuable step toward realizing your dreams of studying in the UK.

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The University Foundation Programme at Doveland Sixth Form College is designed to prepare students for success at university. Our programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the key subjects required for admission to top universities, including mathematics, science, humanities, and social sciences. 

Tuition Fees Saving: It’s more affordable than studying the same programme at University (Onsite).

Students will be learning in a familiar environment which will enhance their study experience.

On completion of the foundation programme, students have the option to study in Nigeria or apply to UK universities. 

We give support and counseling services to both parents and  students, so they can create well tailored programme to progress onto their preferred universities.

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